You, as a parent, must encourage your child to develop his or her intelligence. Of course, that means academic intelligence—but that’s not the only intelligence important.

The ability of an individual to adequately express and control feelings while respecting other persons’ feelings is defined by emotional intelligence. Children can begin to learn several skills at any age.

Emotional intelligence benefits

Over recent decades, studies have found that emotional intelligence offers a range of advantages to your child throughout its life. Here are only some of the perks of emotional intelligence:

  • High EQ is associated with high IQ. Children with higher emotional levels perform better with standardized testing. They are also more grade-conscious.

  • Better relations. Better relations. The abilities of emotional intelligence help children manage conflicts and develop deeper friendships. Adults with an emotionally high level of intelligence also report better personal and professional relationships.

  • Childhood EQ is associated with increased adult success. An American Journal of Public Health 19 year study found that children’s social and emotional skills can predict long-term success in kindergarten. Kids who could share, cooperate and follow the directions at the age of 5 are likely to graduate from college and start working full-time by the age of 25.

  • They have enhanced mental health. Persons with higher levels of emotional understanding are less likely to suffer from depression and other diseases of the mind.

The emotional intelligence benefits are meaningful. For example, under challenging circumstances, a child that can calm down when angry is likely to do well. And suppose the child is able to speak his emotions healthier than a child who shouts or says something meaningful when angry. In that case, it is likely to maintain a more beneficial relationship.

The good news is that all children can learn the skills of emotional understanding. You only have to teach them how to be adults.

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